Syrian army captures several sectors from militants. Prospects for restoration of Syrian Republic

SAA captured Ruwaydah north of Qasr Ali, Idlib/syria.liveuamap

Over the past day, the Syrian army has managed to move from the border with the province of Hama and with the support of the Russian Air Forces to capture the settlement of Ruwaydah (prov. Idlib) from the “Tahrir al-Sham” militants, located east of Abu Dali.

In addition, government troops have attacked militants in the west of the province of Damascus, and as a result, they have liberated another hill in a step from the settlement of Mughr al-Mir. Militants, in return, claim that during the attack SAA has lost at least 20 soldiers.

Yesterday, Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin has arrived in Syria to discuss prospects for cooperation between the countries. A little later, SAR president Bashar Assad said that Russia will become the main participant in the process of restoration Syria.

19. 12. 2017, 00:12
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