Syrian Army To Liberate Remaining Villages On Western Euphrates Bank; Strengthens Positions in Idlib

Syrian Arab Army has launched a large-scale counterattack against the Islamic State terrorists with a goal of liberation of remaining settlements on the Western Euphrates bank in south Deir Ezzor. In this occasion, Iraq has sent a reinforcement convoy to the front.

Meanwhile on the opposite bank of the Euphrates, SDF have captured the town of Abu Hardub, north of recently liberated Abu Hammam.

Massive strike was carried south of the Syrian DC, in the Tadamon district. Government forces were not able to capture any points during the day, but yet have weakened terrorists’ positions in the area.

Syrian Army troops have managed to oust militants from several heights in western Damascus province and get a straight access route to the city of Maghr al-Mir. Regime forces are expected to enter the city in a short time.

Supported by Russian Air Force, Syrian Army is now advancing in south-eastern Idlib. The Army has captured Tell Syriatel Hill and Al-Zahraa and Al-Hawiya farms in the countryside.

17. 12. 2017, 03:03
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