Syrian Army Repulses Massive Militants’ Attack In Northern Homs; Suheil Al-Hassan to Unblock Al-Foua And Kafriya

Islamic State terrorists carried out an attack on Syrian Arab Army positions in Deir Ez-Zor. ISIS claims it seized 6 villages north-west of Abu Kamal including Salihiyah, Abaas, Jalaa, and Siyal, killed 41 Syrian soldiers and took 3 as hostages. ISIS mines all over their previous territories continue being the major source of casualties with 38 people blown up in last several days. US-backed SDF captured Hawi Shuweit and Abu Hardoub villages from the terrorists in Deir Ez-Zor. Fierce clashes continued between the Syrian Army and ISIS in Daraa province.

Syrian Arab Army announced that the operation to unblock towns of Al-Foua and Kafriya will be led by “Tiger” forces commander Suheil Al-Hassan.

Reinforcements arrived for the government forces in Damascus to back battles with Tahrir Al-Sham in Beit Jinn pocket. Syrian Army launched an operation to liberate the strategically important town of Mughar Al-Mir not far from the Golan Heights, during which 17 HTS militants were eliminated. The day before, SAA repulsed a large scale militants’ offensive in northern Homs. Battles took place in outskirts of Talbisah villages of Teir Maala and Ghanta and near Al-Mashariyah and Al-Muhatah localities. Militants reported 5 SAA soldiers killed in battle. HTS militants ousted SAA soldiers from the town of Musharifah again after a short stand-off. Militants destroyed an SAA tank and ZiL in the eastern part of the province. As of right now, battles are ongoing in Um Turekeiyah, Al-Musharifah and Al-Zafiriyah, Al-Latamina and Abu Dali.

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