SDF Use System That Memorize Face To Track Militants

What has never been announced before, is now confirmed. Syrian Democratic Forces, including Kurdish militia units, are collecting biometric data of the Syrian population.

In this tweet it is said that an eye retina scan helped to identify a former IS terrorist.

The Americans have been collecting biometric data in Iraq and Afghanistan before, starting from 2004. All officials, servicemen, security agents were required to provide their biometric data. All militant and criminal detainee were also scanned. As much as it was possible the Americans have been attempting to collect to record biometric identifying information on a remarkable number of people in Afghanistan and Iraq, particular men of fighting age were made.

Expenditures were huge – around $3.5 billion was spent between 2007 and 2015. But the collected database has repeatedly proved its necessity in these countries, allowing the Americans to accurately and irrefutably prove the involvement of individuals in any attacks.

The US always tells its money. Implying such a system on a territory of no significance to it is just senseless. So, the emerging of this tweet once again suggests that the US is planning to establish a state in northern Syria, independent from the central government and it is not going to leave Syria voluntarily.

13. 12. 2017, 10:10
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