ISIS Launches Large-Scale Attack Against Syrian Troops North-West Of Abu Kamal; Disruption Among Tahrir Al-Sham Militants in Idlib

Iraqi Special Forces and Kurdish SDF meeting on neutral territory near Anbar Province / twitter: andrevasiliev80

ISIS terrorists have launched a fierce large-scale attack against positions of Syrian Arab Army and allied forces north-west of Abu Kamal. 2 of the Shiite Militia commanders were killed during the stand-off. Clashes between ISIS and SDF were reported in Abu Hamam and Suwaydan Jazirah with SDF taking the upper hand in Jazirah.

Iraqi Authorities declared a complete victory against ISIS and celebrated the event with Military Parade in Iraq.

Syrian Arab Army and allied forces have mobilized in so-called “Death Triangle” between Daraa, Quneytra and Damascus, aiming to capture the strategic positions lying on the border with de-escalation zones between Damascus and Jordan. Militants predict very little chances for government forces in the area. Syrian Army continued intense bombings of militants’ positions in Damascus, Aleppo, Daraa, Homs, Hama and Idlib. However, militants were able to repulse Syrian Army’s attacks in Damascus’s Beit Jinn and in Homs’s Al Mahata. Tensions erupted in the in the ranks of Tahrir al-Sham marking its possible crackdown in Idlib. Many commanders were arrested for transferring information to the terrorists, which led to the loss of territory in the north-east of Hama.

12. 12. 2017, 03:03
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