Rallies against recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; Iraqi army mops up a desert between Nineveh and Anbar provinces, thwarts terrorists

Mopping up Deir Ez-Zor operation is coming to its end. Tiger Forces, a Special Forces unit of the SAA, is dealing the final blow to the remaining terrorists in Al-Salhiya. Russian combat engineers have combed up 1238 ha (nearly 3060 acres) of the capital territory and its outskirts, 246 km (nearly 153 miles) of roads, and 1886 buildings. They defused the total of 53 478 of explosive devices. HTS dislodged IS terrorists from the settlements of Sulayla, Abu-Khanadiq, Rasm Hammam and Tall Abwiyah in Hama province. 23 terrorists were eliminated. In the course of fierce last-ditch battle IS terrorists killed 37 HTS militants, including one chief commander. Iraqi army launched its final mopping up operation in a desert located between Anbar and Nineveh provinces and cleared the total of 10 settlements from the terrorists.

SAA delivered several airstrikes on the terrorists’ positions in Harasta in the outskirts of Damask, pranged militants in the settlement of Jubb Abyad, and destroyed an HTS ammunition room in Hama by an adjusted airstrike. However, HTS maintained fierce resistance and thwarted the SAA in the settlement of Shakusya, Hama province.

Mass rallies against recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital are also reported to take place in the provinces of Damask, Aleppo, Homs, Idlib, and Hama.

08. 12. 2017, 14:02
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