Hundreds of civilians return to their homes on the western bank of Euphrates

Syrian Arab Army and allies continued attacking ISIS positions in south-east Deir Ezzor, reporting dozens of terrorists eliminated and wounded by regime troops. Syrian Democratic Forces, in their turn, have claimed to kill 35 ISIS fighters during the offensive on Suwaydan Jazira front. Hundreds of displaced civilians were made able to return to their homes on the western bank of the Euphrates after ousting terrorists from the area. Battles between FSA militants and ISIS are taking place in the Yarmouk River basin in western Daraa countryside. Tahrir Al-Sham militants have lost several points to ISIS fighters in north-east Hama. According to the latest estimates by International Coalition, there are less than 3000 ISIS members left present in Syria and Iraq combined. However, terrorists still show fierce resistance and inflict heavy losses on all sides of the conflict. ISIS’s bombs continue to pose a serious threat even in territories that they were already lost by terrorists. 29 civilians fell victim to their IEDs in a past week in the city of Raqqa only.

Syrian Army continued its struggle against armed opposition groups in Eastern and Western Ghoutas of Damascus and in Aleppo countryside. 3 of 10 HTS’s vehicles were destroyed between Ramla and Siyala. Syrian Air Force shelled militants’ position in Hama and attempted an offensive in Rahjan and Shaqusiya but did not succeed.

08. 12. 2017, 01:01
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