SDF resume operation against terrorists on left bank of Euphrates River

Syrian Army prepares for last battle against IS/almasdarnews

Yesterday, SDF troops resumed the operation against terrorists on the left bank of the Euphrates River (prov. Deir Ez-Zor) and with the support of the US-led coalition captured Abu Hamam area from terrorists, located south of the city of Al-Quriya. To the south, a lot of air strikes on the ISIS positions were inflicted by the bombers of the RuAF.

Terrorists, themselves, tried to organize an attack on the SAA near the T-2 Pumping Station in the south of the province of Deir Ez-Zor but were defeated.

At the same time, the soldiers of the Syrian army managed to capture the supply tunnel from militants to the west of the settlement of Harasta (Eastern Ghouta, prov. Damascus). However, militants report that government forces failed to conduct a planned attack in the area, and as a result, about 10 soldiers were killed or wounded.

In the west of the same province, militants shot down the Syrian Air Forces helicopter. The wreck fell in the vicinity of the village of Zakiyah, and the crew, consisting of three people, was perished. In addition, Syrian rebels attacked government positions in the settlement of Tal Bardayah, located to the west of Beit Jinn.

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