SAA begin operation to close ISIS Deir Ezzor pocket

Syrian Army blitzes last ISIS towns between Albukamal, Mayadeen in southeast Deir Ezzor/almasdarnews

Over the past days, government troops managed to capture the settlement of Al-Jaala near Abu Kamal, to repel from ISIS the little oil field of Al-Ward, located in the vicinity of the settlement of Al-Salhia, and began the operation to close ISIS Deir Ezzor pocket. Led by the 4th Division on one side and the Tiger Forces on the other, SAA have flanked the ISIS positions, scoring a new advance against the terrorist group. Then the SAA forces with the help of artillery and aviation continued to shell ISIS positions in the desert between the city of Al-Salihiya and the city of Abu Kamal. However, terrorists have seized from the HTS the settlements of Suruj, Abu Khanadiq, Abu Marw, Judaydah, Wasitah, Ayban in the northwest of the province of Hama.

On the other front, SAA has shelled the militants’ positions in the settlements of Shifunia, Arbin, and Madira in the province of Damascus, as well as the settlements of Umm Miyal, Rahjan, Al-Lataminah, Hirbnafs in the province of Hama. What is more, SyAAf has inflicted several airstrikes on the settlements of Al Hajib (prov. Aleppo), Hish (prov. Idlib), and together with the RuAF on the settlement of Qasr Ibn Wardan in the east of the Hama province.

Militants, in return, have repulsed the SAA attack on the settlement of Mustarikha, and destroyed two tanks in the province of Hama.

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