The government forces cleared the last district of Deir Ezzor city

Over the past day the SAA repulsed an ISIS attack on the south of the al-Mayadin (Deir Ezzor province). Also, the government forces cleared the last district of Deir Ezzor city – the Havijat Kati island from terrorists. In addition, the SAA seized the Akash oil field.

In the same province the SDF militants recaptured the Ata Allah and Barr ash-Sham settlements from ISIS. On the left bank of the Euphrates, the militants advanced considerably to the east and captured the al-Omar field. Also, the SDF cleared the height that faces the al-Basira village, and part of the village.

The HTS militants decided to finish off the ISIS terrorists in Hama province by destroying their forces in Anik Tuta and Hajila villages.

In Damascus province, with the help of artillery the SAA shelled the militants near Damascus city, Jobar, western regions of East Ghouta and Hizza city. In addition, the SAA completed several airstrikes on the militants’ positions in Han Sheikhun, south of Idlib province, in the al-Sayad and al-Latamina settlements, and in the Kafr Zita area, north of Hama.

The militants, in turn, completed an artillery attack from their positions in East Ghouta towards the Damascus city center. In total, more than 10 rockets were fired, some of them exploded near the Russian embassy and Syrian parliament. As a result of the SAA attempt to break through the enemy’s defense near the Tel Bardaia height, the SAA was forced to retract loosing 25 people.

In Hama province the militants counter-attacked and seized Balil, Umm Tarikiya, and Tel Hazim settlements, and nearby territories. The “Jaysh al-Izza” fighters destroyed a tank and 57-mm gun belonging to the SAA in the Zagba village, north-east of the province. They also announced that they’ve seized part of the territories, an infantry fighting vehicle and several SAA soldiers, east of the settlement.

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