Syrian Army To Launch Al-Qaryatayn Operation In Shortest Time; Overall Advance Made In Deir Ezzor

Cruise missles, launched by 2 Russian Black sea fleet submarines targeting ISIS positions near Al-Mayadin in Deir Ezzor / twitter:MauriceSchleepe

Over the last 24 hours, Syrian Arab Army troops have regained control of the Al-Hatlah Tahtani village, located east of Deir Ezzor and continued moving northwards from the Euphrates River, clearing the territory from ISIS presence.

Meanwhile in Al-Mayadin, government forces have reached southern districts of the city. Russian submarines have stroke ISIS in Deir Ezzor with cruise missiles.

SDF fighters have made significant advance on As-Suwar front (Deir Ezzor gov.), among others capturing the Hilala village.

Syrian Army troops are preparing to launch the operation to liberatethe city of Al-Qaryatayn in Homs province from ISIS. Yesterday, SAA soldiers have captured strategically important positions in the hills surrounding the city.

ISIS terrorists were also subjected to attacks by the HTS militants in Hama province, who have taken several villages north of As-Saan in central part of the governorate.

ISIS, cornered in Deir Ezzor, attacks with car bombs an area of displaced persons. There are dozens of dead, mostly women and children

13. 10. 2017, 00:12
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