Syrian Army took control of several points in Homs

26th June 2017

The Syrian Army has seized 3 kilometers of territory, including Bir Dulaiyat town, as a result of yesterday’s counterterrorist operation against ISIS in the southeast Homs CS.  Eventually, the government troops have entered the Deir Ezzor province and took control of several points near the T-2 pumping station.

Terrorists’ attack was repelled by the Syrian Army in the Panorama district of the city of Deir Ezzor, with 7 terrorists killed. ISIS terrorists then have attacked SAA positions in several districts using mortars, killing 2 soldiers and at least 1 civilian.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Air Force has struck several ISIS positions in Ukayribat, east of Hama and on Palmyra-Al-Sukhnah road in east Homs.

Government forces have been fighting off militants’ attacks in the Jobar district of Damascus and in the city of Ayn Tarma for a past day. In Ayn Tarma, soldiers were even able to oust militants out of a few territories.

Also, with the support from Syrian Air Force, ground troops have managed to defend the Bir Qassab locality, east of the capital, although 1 tank was lost in the battle.

Besides Damascus, Syrian jets have also carried out airstrikes in several besieged villages in south Daraa CS.

Militants, in their turn, have reported the killing of 31 Syrian Army soldiers in Al Quneitra.

26. 06. 2017, 21:09
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