Lebanese gas-tank trucks supply Syria with fuel every day

Lebanese News Media has confirmed that Syrian government’s decision made a few months ago enabled manufacturers to import fuel in Syria from Lebanon. Although Lebanese government hasn’t given any reaction so far, this decision is effectively put into action.


A footage showing gas-tank trucks allegedly moving towards Syrian border was published on a Lebanese news paper “An-Nahar” official web site. The trucks first started moving towards Syrian border exactly 2 months ago, the site confirms, right after Syrian government made that decision.


The site also reports that fuel-oil tankers are supplied by several companies importing fuel to Lebanon. Regular fuel deliveries were established after a fuel crisis in Damask and its suburbs. The Al-Jarida passage in the north Lebanon was a primary rout of delivering fuel supplies. All the deliveries were legal and controlled by the Lebanese authorities with all formalities observed.


In 2015 Lebanon itself stated experiencing energy shortages because of a surplus in fuel exports to Syria. As a result minister for economic affairs of Lebanon Alan Hakim ruled to cut fuel supplies to Syria and a robust fight against fuel smugglers unfolded.


As for February 2015 Lebanese government permitted manufacturers to import fuel in order to help them provide their factories with feedstock. Nevertheless the fuel procurements process is reassured to be put in action Lebanon government hasn’t given any comments yet.

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28. 02. 2017, 15:03
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